IRAWO Association

Every year, we help and protect children, mothers and babies here and elsewhere.

Donation & Charity

You can contribute your will, your resources or your skills to make life better for children.

Health & Education

The economic development of a country cannot take place without quality education and the good health of its people.

Partnership & Expertise

Thanks to the recognized expertise of its education and health specialists, Association IRAWO is able to impart knowledge that will help provide long-term assistance.

Where to start contributing ?

The IRAWO Association opens its doors to all those who have a heart and the will to help needy babies, children and mothers.


Make A Donation

By supporting the mission of the IRAWO Association through a donation, you allow children to find joy in themselves and in the society around them.


Sponsor A Project/Campaign

Get involved with a minimum amount of $ 1 per year to support as a sponsor  our projects in education or health for underprivileged children. Make a long-term impact with IRAWO project sponsorship.


Become Partner

If your company wishes to develop its social responsibility and share its success with others, less privileged, IRAWO Association can offer you a personalized collaboration.


Contribute To A Better World

Each year, the IRAWO Association helps and protects vulnerable populations who live in conditions such that they cannot enforce their rights in education and health.

Sponsor A Project

Your help no matter how small will bring great change and immense joy in the lives of children.

Children’s Christmas

Contributing to the development of a child is giving him a reason to smile while other people display theirs. Association IRAWO brings joy to the hearts of children at certain times of the year.
Raised: $120.00
Goal: $1,500.00

Assist a student

Aid for education does not stop at the smallest, it extends to young people who find themselves without support. Let us add meaning and value to the student life of young students in Quebec and in developing countries.
Raised: $10.00
Goal: $1,500.00

Support a disadvantaged mother

We are convinced that the mother is the first educator of her child. That is why we are working to provide support and assistance to mothers in difficult circumstances.
Raised: $0.00
Goal: $2,000.00


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Some Dates

Discover some of the highlights of the IRAWO Association in a chronological sequence.

  1. Christmas IRAWO 2018 in Benin

    – December 25, 2018

    – Preparation of gifts for children whose parents have little means.

    – The official representative of the International Association IRAWO in West Africa is organizing CHRISTMAS IRAWO 2018 for orphaned and destitute children identified in the CITÉ ADJAHA district a festival called “CHRISTMAS IRAWO” at 4:00 pm in the main vons of Sinoutin.

    – The IRAWO Association is now the compass for orphaned children and mothers around the world.

    – Distribution of gifts to children.

    – Feast.

  2. 2019-2020 school year in Benin

    – September 20, 2019

    – Distribution of school equipment to children.

    – National tour in Benin.

  3. Christmas IRAWO 2019 in Benin

    – December 25, 2019

    – Distribution of gifts to children.

    – Feast.

  4. 1st Census Phase in Benin

    – February 2020

    – Census in Benin in the department of Zou.

    – Phase 1.

  5. 2nd Census Phase in Benin

    – February 2020

    – Census in Benin in the department of Zou.
    – Phase 2.

  6. Distribution of masks in Benin - COVID-19

    – May 2020

    – Manufacture of masks as part of the response against COVID-19.

    – Preparation for distribution.

  7. Humanitarian action in Littoral in Benin

    – September 2020

    IRAWO Association donates kits of school supplies in Littoral in Benin as part of the start of the 2020 – 2021 school year.

Our Volunteers

Dedicated to putting their passion and professionalism at the service of children’s education and health.



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IRAWO Association Volunteer...

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